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(10:35PM) [IMPORTANT] Update: Fixed toll of Sewol Ferry - 476 Total, 174 rescued, 28 dead, 274 missing (Coast Guard official)
The Coast Guard stated “Some people on the list of board used other transportation. So the number has changed”.
The Coast Guard also went back to say rescue operations did begin around 1PM, the original time reported.
Oxygen is no longer being pumped into Sewol. Plans are to pick up oxygen pumping again tomorrow morning.
Prosecutors file arrest warrant for captain, third mate, and one other crew member on charges of manslaughter.
Video: South Korean journalist 조재환 reacts to reports that teacher who planned ferry trip has been found hanged:
(11PM) Update: 62 hours has passed since the Sewol disaster. YTN reports divers are finally at the entrance of 3rd floor. Rescue operation is in progress.
(4AM) Update: Yonhap - Captain of Sewol ferry claims “I did the broadcast saying ‘Evacuate the ship immediately’”-do not even start. You are gaining sympathy from no one.
This Yonhap photo shows a diver is suffering because of high tide at incident scene: 
[IMPORTANT] Crews & Captain of Sewol have been taken into custody.
The South Korea ferry disaster: Here’s what we know so far: 
At 65 hours past the incident: 30(+Danwon HS VP) dead, 174 rescued, 273 missing. (Yonhap web)
Captain of Sewol saying : “When ferry begin sinking, there were no ships to assist or rescue”-That is a poor excuse and you know it
3am scene of Paengmok Harbor in Jindo, S.Korea. The lights still on as we wait for survivors (KBS): 
KBS Camera Staff took inside water look of Sewol rescue scene. Poor Visibility for divers. 
Sources say that 26-year-old, 3rd officer (Woman), operated the Sewol ferry and that decision was made by captain Lee Jun-seok.
Main Rescue Operation resumed this hour, but no news of Survivors yet. 
(8AM) Update: 3 bodies seen near the window on the 4th floor of Sewol.
Write #PrayForSouthKorea and share a message in your own words.
(#PrayForSouthKorea //// Wish all passengers of Sewol come back soon. Credit 조재환)
[!!] LOCAL [!!] : You can mail all donations to the following address:
전라남도 진도군 진도읍 철마길 25,진도군청 주민복지과(Credit to 조재환 for the pictures that do belong to him.)

Reblogging the updates I have now, before major ones start to come in.Please check back on the main post periodically for any updates, thank you.Major updates are in, check main post.Do not reblog. Old. Go to main post.



Reblogging the updates I have now, before major ones start to come in.
Please check back on the main post periodically for any updates, thank you.
Major updates are in, check main post.
Do not reblog. Old. Go to main post.

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